If you can dream it... Imel Woodworks can craft it.


Custom is at the core of what I do. Most companies have a catalog of what they offer. For the most part, I like to take the opposite approach. I like to create what you want.
I enjoy being a part of the creative process, whether it starts with a picture, drawing, or simply an idea drawn on a napkin. I never tire of working out the issues involved, executing the work, and watching it come to life when the finish is applied.
I now have a large CNC machine that greatly expands the scope of my work. The very first project I did using a CNC plasma cutter won first place in Browning's nationwide "Show us your Buckmark" contest. The capabilities of that machine in metal, wood, and plastic are vast.

CNC Custom Wedding Altar

The client wanted an altar that incorporated their faith and the theme of the wedding. We met that need by desiging an altar using the font and design featured on the couple's wedding invitation that the bride had done herself.

CNC Custom Wedding Altar

CNC Custom Rain Gauges

The client wanted to give these rain gauges as gifts to friends. They wanted a clean, functional design and personalized names. As Oklahomans, we hope we get the rain so these gauges come in handy!

General Services

  • Wood Turning
  • Wood Carving
  • Mortise and Tenon
  • Hand Planing
  • Hand-cut dovetails
  • Custom Finishing
  • Finish Matching
  • Restoring and Distressing
  • Precise repeatable parts in wood, metal, and plastic
  • Metal Engraving
  • Wood and plastic carving
  • Ability to cut parts directly from CAD drawings
  • * Services not limited to those on list.*
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